Lass Strategy Guide and Tips

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Lass Strategy Guide and Tips

Post by MiyukiKagami on Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:17 am

Lass Strategy Guide and Tips

Drunkengod’s Lass Strategy Guide and Tips

tip,strategies,good combos appreciated,comments, suggestions spell checks are highly appreciated (i suck at spelling ) also i will be leaving out the really abvios stuff except combos p.s. LETS MAKE THIS LASS MANUAL THE BEST MANUAL


Lv 0 : Thief — Dual Daggers thank u angryone

Lv 20 : Assasin — One-Handed Sword and Chain RELEASED!!

Lv 30 : Dark Assassin — Claw (unreleased )when it does i kill you all

Lv 40: Evan Striper — Quick Draw Sword with Sheath(unreleased)(samura katana ftw)2 (use distrebutive property lol)


To get Lass, go to the shop. Under the Academy
tab, buy a a scroll with a picture of Lass on it. After buying the
scroll, complete the quest that’s presented and you will get Lass. The
GP scroll has you beat Kaze’Aze Castle at level 3 5 times without using
Natal Ring or bonuses, while the Cash one requires you to have 1 Crystal (that blue thing you get from bosses). There are three way to buy this.


  • low armor
  • low hp
  • low attack
  • fastest running
  • double jump
  • good vitality
  • killer cash skills
  • skills do high damage
  • good aerial attacks
  • the highest jump (contributed by fuikosan)
  • he calls people nubs wen taunting


  • shooting star-lire
  • lunatic force-ronan(really easy to run away from lol)
  • kanavan strike-ronan
  • lass 2nd and 3rd atacks
  • stone curse-arme
  • elesis 3rd move
  • otto shot very cheap

These are things lass will die from in one hit or can be very
damaging like stone curse the top of the list is lires shooting star at
all cost try to avoid it

Lass second aspects

What to avoid

attack threw opponents:if you are to
close to opponents then when u get the first hit on them you go right
threw this can get anoying but once you can get used to it you can use
for getting past drillmons the annoying lil gon behind him in gorge of
oath.(who’s with me with that lil bastrd?)


knock down combo
z,z, z+right or left

my personal favorite combo for hit and run tactics
attacks and instead of the continuous hit at the end knock them down

Kunia throw
double jump,Down+z
throws 2 kunias that intersect once

Juggle launcher(correct me if i’m wrong knockdown and juggle launcher are very similar)

Hits ‘em up into the air for more comboing fun me personal faverite

Normal combo
spam z

lass will go monkey on his opponent

dash attack
forward,forward(hold down),z

knocks the enemy down good for hit and run or countering

teh gay stun lock and bash

ok i dont recomend this coz it’s for noob, so what you basically do
is kunai grab 2nd if you use this I flame you for abusing the good and
awesomeness of lass in such a noobish way.

  1. Platform Slash. Up + Attack + Down + Attack. Basically uses the
    platform to consecutively strike the enemy with slashes. It’s fast

  2. To make a mob stop moving but not fast enough to freeze an enemy in PvP
  3. Dash Slash. Makes use of a Platform. What you do is Dash + Jump +
    Attack + Down + Attack then repeat. This is pretty effective and fast
    both for PvP and Dungeons. If done right you will do 2 consecutive
    slashes. Done right repeatedly and you’ll chaincombos pretty well.(contributed by fuikosan)

  4. Advanced Aerial Combo. This makes use of the Dash Slash. What you
    do is send the enemy flying near a ledge. If you can time it right you
    can score Aerial + Back. It’s a bit hard to do but it’s doable (I’ve
    done it a couple of times). 300s make easy work of most mobs.

Sspecials cash specials

1-.thunder strike( charge 1) | I’ll do them l8er

lass will hit the enemy with a wave of energy kinda like elesis third.

2. evil shot (charge 2)

lass will hit the enemy and a chance to bring
them down to fatal, rumor has it that if you hit the opponent in pvp
right when right when they release a special they’ll die,cool huh? strike ;.;(charge 3)

lass will jump up into the air and release many energy waves kinda like armes meteor except concentrated.



—-don’t die,kill other people,contributed by yakuza (thanks for the useful information >.>but true noethelss XD)



ok after doing a bunch of suicide research
i have figured out so far that lire are generally cocky but that
doesn’t really help much.a tactic that i figured out is if you jump
over the arrows and try to rush them and pretend your going behind them
they tend to do the backwards attack when they do this fake the jump
and go to the front and slash away.

If they start stomping jump at the last second then kunai them this
requires good timing and a calm mind no just kidding its really easy
and since there jump is lower then lasses you can easily jump over them
kunia throw use youse your pet then skill up anhilating the lire
hopefully evil shot is recomenededsince its faster to charge and has a
chance for fatality.

One of the most important rules when fighting lire always stay
inderictly above her if you stand directly she can get you with a arrow

If you don’t stand close above her you cant kunai her easily and
also when they use shooting star get as far away from them as possible
and you NEVER EVER not even if there backwards rush them or else
shooting star..dead. what you do is just stand still and wait for your
bars to go up because final strike last longer in invicibilty mode then
shooting star.

—2nd:your F*&^ed get assassin and try again. if your not a noob
you can handle it but in the mean time i wanna watch the nebies squirm
>Very Happy

—elesis:you have speed to your advantage use it.kunai her grab and
get behind her.avoid x strike and pet atack her when she gets to close

—2nd:ok this one is tricky jk. its quite easy keep jumping over them
and for there thrid run and jump towards it(sounds crazy lol).btw its
hard when there grabbers but you got the fact that lass is good at spam
grab so i wouldnt normally sujjest this cuase i think its noobish but
they started it so go on ahead and spam the living crap outa dem.and
get behind them with the fakey jump

—arme:jump over teh firebolts with your super awsome double jump and
all there attacks are easy to doge except there skills.well at the
beggining they should be your first choice of kill because they have
the aoes(area of effect)of wanna kill them before they get
any mp and taunt them from a high place its like a monkey flining poo
at you in a tree because you cant do much about it.

2nd:all i can say is double jump over there poisen gas(questionable
wat this substance is) and there bombs are easy to dodge.oh oh and
there grab is releh funny

—ronan:ok this is probaly your worst openent coz they almost match
you in speed(if there good)and kanavan strike is a bich cuase you
really dont know whens it coming cause its an aoe and gets you from
behind.Well first you need asain fingers of death(i has thoughs >Very Happy)
nah jk but its bassically your own skill againts these guys.

2nd:ok you got the speed advantage tear these guys in half and there
dragon summon is slow as hell and is almost meaningless in damage

—lass:if i told you guys i couldnt win

—2nd: same as above lol

the godly pvp tips for assassin(poor assassin so underated )

ok right now I’m only doing lire coz its late


1st:omg teh pawnzors. Ok we shall use teh repetive dash to our
advantage no matter how anoying it may be .ok you know that lires arrow
stuns you right?well not now since you have to spam dash your
bassically going right threw her arrows get close and hack n slash be
careful of her third though.

2nd:Omg so much easier then first lol her arrows do les damge and
when dashing they do less and there easier to dash through.and they
have no dangerous heres the lay down jump in the air dash
dash on teh ground be impredictable.thank you xbow for making assassin
so easy to kil you with.

3rd:Same as 1st but be more carful and use precaution these guys are
teh deadly.there still a laughing stock if your there lvl though ._.i
tried taking down a lvl 40 didnt turn out to well

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Re: Lass Strategy Guide and Tips

Post by bloodyraven26 on Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:34 am

Skills & Descriptions:


Impact Slash

(Grade 1)

~Thief's 1st grade attack enables the user to concentrate his energy, and shoot a powerful shockwave at a target. Since Lass does not possess many finishing skills, this skill is effective to finish targets in critical condition after their HP is whittled down with normal attacks. Impact Slash has a short activation time and high accuracy, but it's not effective at countering the critical skills of enemies.

Fatal Fury Tempest
(Grade 2)

~Thief's 2nd grade attack enables the user to critically wound enemies at a 50% success rate by aiming at their vital points. Fatal Fury will put enemies in critical condition, regardless of their level and remaining HP, in a brilliant flash of light if it is successful. This skill leaves the opponent in fatal condition regardless of her remaining strength, so it's best to use it on an opponent that has a lot of strength remaining. When this skill is used on an enemy preparing for a level attack, this skill's attack will be considered a counter, and immediately finish the enemy.

Final Strike Chaser

(Grade 3)


Frenzy Sword

(Grade 1)

~Assassin's 1st grade attack that delivers a triple strike at a target. It has a long period of invincibility like Knight's Mega Slash, and can be used to dodge enemy's critical skills. But is more useful since targets cannot evade Frenzy Sword.

Splash Explosion
(Grade 2)

~Assassin's 2nd grade attack enables the user to strike a target three times with a chain. This skill is effective for finishing targets, although it suffers from a short attack range. The first two strikes are relatively weak, but the last strike inflicts huge damage: if all three strikes connect, the targetwill be immensely damaged.

Deadly Sharp

(Grade 3)

~Assassin's 3rd grade attack focuses the Assassin's energy into one very powerful strike. Be careful using it on maps like Gorge of Oath as it is easy to fall off a ledge while using it.

Dark Assassin


(Grade 1)

~Dark Assassin's 1st grade attack makes the user invisible and increases the user's attack strength by 30%. The attack strength bonus lasts for 3 seconds after the invisible user delivers the first blow to a target. The user will be invisible for 15 seconds. However, this skill doesn’t hide all evidence of the user's movements: rising dust can be seen when he moves or jumps. Observant enemies can detect invisible Dark Assassins and successfully strike them.

Hyper Sonic Step

(Grade 2)

~Dark Assassin's 2nd grade attack enables the user to advance and deliver ruthless attacks to enemies in front of him. Thisskill instantly activates without any delay and is extremely powerful. Its only drawbacks are its limited range and short duration.

Unlimited Blade

(Grade 3)

~Dark Assassin's 3rd grade attack enables the user to rip apart his enemies with his claws, teleport behind the target, and then start again from behind. This skill is powerful but its success is dependent on the environment: the user may fail to teleport if the ground he shares with the target isn’t level.

(4th Job) -Soon

~The Striker's weapon is called a Nodachi, a long sword that is kept? in a scabbard. The Nodachi can remain in its scabbard even during? battle, but even the most basic techniques require the wielder to draw the blade at the speed of light. The Striker's shadow dash is difficult for even Assassins to follow, moving rapidly on the ground and in the air using peculiar skills to harass the enemy with continuous, rapid fire attacks with the Nodachi.~

Rage Cutter
(Grade 1)

Phantom Blade
(Grade 2)

Blade Spirit
(Grade 3)


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