Ryan Movelist and PVP Strategy Guide

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Ryan Movelist and PVP Strategy Guide

Post by MiyukiKagami on Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:21 am

Ryan Movelist and PVP Strategy Guide

Reason=Well I am gpnna make a move
set of the wolf transformation of Ryan beacus he dosent have a one, and
today I learned a new move, wich surprised me,so I decided to tell my
findings and ask other people for their findings.

Dash- double press right or left
Z -Left Claw
ZZ -Left Rigth Claw
ZZZ -Fang Combo
Dashing Z -Riseing Claw, Aerial Set Move
While Standing next to the opponent, pressing direction to opponent and Z – Bite Grab
ZZ tap rigth left 1 or 2 times – Knee Strike , Aerial Set Move , by manukiru
Z -Spin attack, This move can be done with many different directions but just Z is the basic for activation
Dash- Double press left or right
Down and the direction your faceing at the same time and Z -Nose Dive
Dash- doubel press rigth or left
Downward Fist – Z
Sweep Fist – ZZ
Upper Cut- ZZZ
Fist Slam – ZZZZ
Whirlind Hook- ZZZZZ (long combo isint it XP )
Wing Whirling – ZZ Dash
Energy Explosion – automatic once you transform
Shoulder Slam – dash and Z
Back throw- while standing close to the opponent direction the opponent is and Z
rapid fist – Z
Energy Ball – hold both UP and Z , by bobonobo
Ground Smash – Down and Z
Tip,Hints & Secrets

Wolf-Spin Attack Lock , Its kinda hard at first but
once you get the rythem of it it gets simpler. The arrows are the key,
its a basicly spaming a jump foward then a Z sure you dont doubel
forward or else youll activate your teleport dash this is a simple
single forward dash. You have to be at a close proximity of your target
or else you wont be able to jump over completly but dont be scared once
you hit him once you just repeat and he will be stun locked, this is a
semi instant fatal whic should be finished by a grab. by bobonobo

Wolf-MP Shield, wolf has low Vital and Def, with makes him somewhat
fragil, but this trick helps overcomeing this problem, when before you
get hit, charge your MP, and when you get hit, youll lose the MP
instead of HP. For those who think its better keep your MP to transform
again, think wich is better, live to transform again or die in the
spot?. WARNING, theres some moves wich this move does not protect you
from, like grabs , they will take both HP and MP if you do this trick
againts those attacks.

Wolf-when u do jump attk, id prefer dash – jump – Z
cuz if u just do jump – Z it makes u jump too high which makes u go
over the person creating that person to get away….dash-jump-Z makes u
jump less higher and immune to attks while ur on the ground to use jump
atk again(if u know wat i mean) by aerojynx

Wolf- Dont forget the juggle when in dash press z press dash again then z and continue until fatal!!! by times
Nephilim- caution when using the ground smash, this
has happened to me twice on elia continent where ryan can fall through
the ground and die when doing the ground smash by Bobonobo

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