Bermesiah tips??

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Bermesiah tips??

Post by Jon27Jon on Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:31 pm

(this is my 2nd attempt in posting.. when i finish my first thread here and i send it to post .. my net faiLed and my thread was gone, so i hope this one wiLL enter .. stiLL i wiLL make a copy just for sure .. hehe ..)

..uhmmm ..
..hnd q sure kung meron aqng mabibigay nah speciaL tips but i wiLL share some ..

in 2nd Job Quest:
• in coLLecting medaL - obviousLy in orc tempLe •
• in coLLecting fragments - i suggest in OUTER WALL OF SERDIN; because it has more mobs/monsters and are easy to kiLL •

in 3rd Job Quest:
• SORRY i have no speciaL tip in coLLecting the requirements in Gaikoz CastLe (since it is onLy the quest that in the Bermesiah) •

in Farming (papa-pera):
• i suggest in Gaikoz CastLe. in my experience that is the best dungeon to Loot for FaLcon items that are good items to seLL •

Boss Tips:
(note: when the word JUMP shows just JUMP)

• TriaL Forest - no speciaL ways in kiLLing •

• TriaL Tower - no speciaL ways in kiLLing •

• Outer WaLL of Serdin - just JUMP •

• Kerrie Beach - use ariaL / air attack •

• Orc TempLe - kiLL first the subordinates •

• Gorgos' Dungeon - just avoid the DANGER skiLL and JUMP •

• Marsh of ObLivion - avoid "her" roLL attack and jump attack •

• Forsaken Borrows - make sure that you are in cLose combat with him(?) if you are a meLee or stay out of his STRAIGHT LINE if you are a range so that you wiLL not be affected by his(?) Lightning skiLL, and watch carefuLLy his(?) movements when he fLash (the sign of him(?) using a skiLL) JUMP as fast as you can or you wiLL be caught with his(?) grip •

• Forgotten City - i suggest that you stay on its back so that u can easiLy avoid many of its attack speciaLLy its powerfuL attacks: the DANGER beam, its attack when its on the air, and even the refLect •

•Gaikoz CastLe - i aLso suggest that you take him(?) on the back, to avoid aLso some of his(?) powerfuL attacks: when he(?) use his(?) doubLe sLash counter it with a skiLL, dont bother in countering his dash attack coz its unpredictabLe, and when the word DANGER shows STAY AWAY from him(?) immediateLy coz its a powerfuL one •

in CompLeting the Stars Quest:
(meaning the LeveL of the dungeon)

• A 1 star quest can be done or compLete in a 3 star quest, meaning if you are in a hurry in LeveLing up using dungeon quest it is a suitabLe styLe in dungeons, it can make your quest compLete aLL at a time (I'm pertaining to same dungeon but with different LeveLs to compLete) •

.. thats aLL i can share ..



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