[GUild Event] Queen of Bermesia's Rookie Tournament

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[GUild Event] Queen of Bermesia's Rookie Tournament Empty [GUild Event] Queen of Bermesia's Rookie Tournament

Post by angielic2626 on Wed Nov 04, 2009 11:26 am

Our Kudos Tribe leader have received a letter from the Queens of Serdin and Kanavan. They are in need of new brave warriors from our clan to bear the Sword of Bermesiah along with our tribal symbol on the journey to the chase. Leighnes our leader, called for an immediate council of all the generals of our tribe. Generals have warned our Leader that our members needs to be prepared for the upcoming war. The tribe has no financial support. No metals to be sharpened for Swords and Bows... No Enchanted stones to be used by our high councils. The need of support came to our Shadow Rapier / War General who is currently not in the kingdom and is in vacation. Aiding the tribe along with its Generals and Mistress, The Tribe Event comes. November 1-1 Non Pro Tournament is officially announced. Winners of the said event will be rewarded by our Reward System. Come on new warriors~! Lets help our Mistress along with her Generals to heed the Queens of Serdin and Kanavan's Call. Registration has started. Please check PVP Tournament/Faceoffs thread. Thank You.
The Shedule of the Matches will be posted on Nov 13, 2009.
Duels will start the next day.
Click [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] for more information
~Mistress Angielic~

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