The Castles of Bermesia's Search for Royalty

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The Castles of Bermesia's Search for Royalty Empty The Castles of Bermesia's Search for Royalty

Post by MiyukiKagami on Mon Nov 09, 2009 2:55 am

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In addition to the bermesian castles royalty's request for experience warriors, the finance-supporting representative of the Kingdoms of Kanavan and Serdin and currently the War General of Kudos Tribe had proclaimed a gallant banquet for the clan. Representatives of the surrounding continents will come to our tribe's gathering. To give them a heart-warming welcome, our dear Mistress Angielic had prepared a grand opening celebration for everyone.
Mistress Angielic and ther other generals desires to know everyone inclined in the tribe to further evaluate the productivity of the clan. With that agenda, she had confronted the Queens of Bermesia. The result of her confrontation turns out to be tribe-beneficial. The royalties and Misstress Angielic agreed to enlist the tribe event to our Reward System. With that, they will reward the most charming knight and the fairest elf of our tribe. The winning knight will be the Kanavan's 1st Prince and the chosen elf will be Serdin's 1st Princess. Both of the winners will receive a bonus 500 cash points directly to their pockets and will receive a forum signature originally and uniqely reserved for them. If the attendees reaches 40 people, Mistress Angielic will add a "Level 1 Incentive" on their profile.
So what are you waiting for? Buy fresh flowers and sew them in your gowns and tuxedos. Everyone is invited to our tribal eyeball or should i say the grand search for couple royalties. Thank You and Happy Gaming.
Titles and Rewards
Kanavan's 1st Dragon Prince = 500 Cash Points
Serdin's 1st Fiercy Princess = 500 Cash Points
- extra +1 Level 1 Incentive if the participants reaches 40.
Note: Winners will be awared on the last day of the month. All members can participate. The winners will have a secial role in our guild story. A solo shot of the winner and a couple shot will be posted here.
~Mistress Angielic and Lady Lyan~

Guild EB Theme: The Magical Glory: To treat and love your Friends as a Family.

Objective: ■ To meet and introduce PIONEER MEMBERS to NEW MEMBERS.
■ To build Friendship and Trust to one another.
■ To show how guild members are being valued as a Kudosian and how important not to LOSE someone.

Venue: Ninko Park 4 and 5 [We might use Park 3 also if we experience lag due to park accommodation]

Date and Time: November 15, 2009 [Sunday] 4:00 - 7:00 P.M.

Dress Code: Wear your coolest, awesome and creative Grand Chase Outfit for your character.

Note: If you're a girl member, use a girl GC Character [Eq. Amy], so as to all boys [Eq. Ronan].

A special prize will be given away to our Kudos "Tribal Prince" and
"Tribal Princess"!!!

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The Castles of Bermesia's Search for Royalty Empty Re: The Castles of Bermesia's Search for Royalty

Post by angielic2626 on Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:17 am

Event has ended
congratulations to all the winners~

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