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  1. Jon27Jon
    Sun Jan 17, 2010 12:24 pm
    Message by Jon27Jon - eto.. questions..
    1. In a Day, how many hours do you usuaLLy pLay Grand Chase?

    2. Where do you usuaLLy pLay? Cafe/shop or House?

    3. Are you a Student or an EmpLoyee or bystander.

    4. How did you know about Kudos?

    5. Any other games that you are playing besides Grand Chase and DOTA?

    6. Is there a chance that your account are being piLot by other person?

    7. What time do you usuaLLy pLay?

    8. If ever that you encounter a pvp hacker, what do you usuaLLy do?

    9. WhiLe pLaying GC or other onLine games (if ever), are you muLti-tasking? [chatting, sound3p, browsing, etc.]

    10. What kind of genre do you Like in music? in movie?

    11. Panu mo masasabi na tatagal ka sa dito sa guild na to / Kudos? (from art)

    [EngLish] How can you say that you wiLL Last at Kudos?

    12. If you are capabLe, do you vote in the eLection? for how many times now?

    13. What can you add to Kudos Family ? (from airamae)

    14. Do you ever Like forums or reading detaiLs?

    15. During your first cLass in school, what do you usuaLLy do?

    15. During your first time at work, what do you usuaLLy do?

    (schooL if student, work if empLoyee)

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