[Event 1]GC 1st Year Anniversary: 2ND Week Celebration!

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[Event 1]GC 1st Year Anniversary: 2ND Week Celebration! Empty [Event 1]GC 1st Year Anniversary: 2ND Week Celebration!

Post by Lyan009 on Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:21 pm

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Grand Chase, the Philippines’ first online fighting game, is celebrating its first anniversary, and it’s stronger than ever!

the 2nd Week Celebrations GC has in store: Happy Birthday GC! Chat
Event, Relay Dungeon, Amy Elemental Necklace Packages, Amy Necklace
Upgrading Events and the Join the Chase: Referral System!

Check out the Grand Chase PH Trailer with Mandirigma OST!

[GC 1st Year Anniversary: 2nd Week Celebrations]

Event 1: Happy Birthday GC! Chat Event 2nd Week!
Period: Nov 10 ~ Nov 17 before maintenance time

How to:
Step 1: Create a full party of 4 members in a Dungeon Room or Create a full party of 6 members in a PVP Room
Step 2: All members must click READY
Step 3: ALL members must exactly type "Happy Birthday GC!" to activate the event
Step 4: Host then clicks START button
Step 5: If ALL Party Members typed correctly the magic word, Chat Event will be activated
Step 6: ALL Party Members will receive +10% Defense and +5% HP Recovery

Event 2: Relay Dungeon
Period: Nov 10 ~ Nov 17 before maintenance time

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Relay Dungeon has been updated in Bermesiah and Ellia Continent.

Bermesiah Continent - 12 Bosses
Trial Forest - Treant
Trial Tower - Wendy
Outer Wall of Serdin - Orc Warrior
Kerrie Beach - Harpy Queen
Orc Temple - Orc Lord
Gorgos' Dungeon - Red Gorgos
Elven Forest - Troll
Gorge of Oath - Giant DrillMon
Marsh of Oblivion - Elizabeth
Forsaken Barrows - Lich
Forgotten City - Paradom
Gaikoz's Castle - Gaikoz

Ellia Continent - 8 Bosses
Partusay's Sea - Partusay
Ellia Continent - Kamiki
The Temple of Fire - Basilisk
Hell Bridge - Gardosen
KazeAaze Castle - Jin KazeAaze
Kastulle Ruins Lower Floor - Cyclops
Kastulle Ruins Upper Floor - Giant Stone Golem
Bermesiah's Last Stand - Dark Armon

Test your might and crawl through a Dungeon full of BOSS Monsters!

Get additional rewards by destroying Treasure Chests that appear in the Relay Dungeon.

Contents of the Treasure Box, randomly get (1)
HP Potion (L)
MP Potion (L)
Status Recovery Potion
Potent Power Potion
Potent Defense Potion
Potent Vitality Potion
Natal Ring (10 Times)
GC Club(30 day)
Reinforcement Booster (5% Up)
Lovely Heart Sign
Twinkle Star Sign
Gon's Fiery Sign
Luna Luna Sign
Fairy's Ice Arrow Sign
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