Rejoining Kudos

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Rejoining Kudos

Post by jmlovers_12 on Tue Apr 06, 2010 7:19 pm

First Name/Nickname: chris

Forum name: jmlovers_12

In-game name: jmlovers

Location: San isidro subic zambales

Age: 14

REFERRED BY: MiyukiKagami

Main character and its level: Elesis-60

ALL GC Characters & their
Levels: †[Elesis-60]†[Lire-55]†[Arme-52]†[Lass-49]†[Ryan-50]†[Ronan-52]†[Amy-50]†[Jin-36]†

nya!! weak ko

Point of Contact: [YM/Email/CP#]

Previous Guild Membership [If
there's any]:NA

Intent/Reason of Joining: Im Happy with this Guild :Lol!:

Grand Chase In-Game: minsan lan ren e busy lage

Grand Chase Forums: honestly minsan lang bounce



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