Tips and Tricks on Aegis Knight PvPing

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Tips and Tricks on Aegis Knight PvPing

Post by MiyukiKagami on Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:13 am

Tips and Tricks on Aegis Knight PvPing

Here are a few basic tips for Aegis Knight:

Guard vs. Block: Incase you forget, Aegis Knight has a Guard and a Block. They both do the same thing: nullify attacks. However, you may be thinking, “Which one should I use?” Guard is easier to execute, with the same button inputs as a ragna bolt, but takes too long to actually block something. Block is much harder to execute, as you have to time the arrow movement just right, but it’s much more effective.

In most practical situations, you’ll be using Block instead of Guard to nullify attacks. Does this mean that you shouldn’t use Guard? It definitely doesn’t; Guard has other purposes, like…

Sheild Stunning: The good thing about Guard is that it can be made on a key input. While you can only Block when someone attacks you, you can Guard whenever you darn well please. Guarding is a very, very key part of an Aegis Knight’s fighting strategy if you’re fighting somebody really offensive.

Consider this: somebody likes to contantly charge
at you and jump attack. You don’t like being constantly jump attacked,
but they don’t stay on the ground long enough for you to jump
attack-fall into them and combo them during the stun. What do you do?
When they charge into you,Guard. When they run into you, they’re stunned momentarily, and you can start your combo on them. And Aegis Knights have a very deadly combo.

The good thing about Sheild stunning is that you can guard in the air. So if a first job Elesis is charging at you in an air dash, do a slight air dash in the opposite direction and Guard in mid–air. If they’re just dashing straight towards you (and I can’t imagine why they would) you can simply Guard
and stun them. Generally, the former seems to work better, because if
someone is just running straight towards you without jumping, they
probably have a skill charged up and are probably about to try and kill

Psychic Force: AK has so many skills, yet, just like any class, there are practical uses for each. If you’re fighting someone who lags quite a bit, you’re going to be more inclined to use skills like Divine Slash more and grab much more, since it’s harder to combo a lagger. But if the person you’re fighting barely lags or is virtually lag-free, there are situations where Psychic Force is better to use than Divine Slash.

Reasons why Divine Slash isn’t always your best bet: It’s really
good for getting out of sticky situations, i.e. if an Arme has a deadly
meteor coming to you, you can dodge out of it. Divine Slash is also
pretty good in Team Match or Survival, where there are multiple
opponents that can get caught in it. However, I generally don’t like it
in 1v1 for a few reasons.

  1. If someone manages to inch out of it, you’re vulnerable at the end
    of the skill. You aren’t as vulnerable as you are after Infinity Sword
    as a DK, but you’re still vulnerable. That’s an easy grab for your

  2. Really, if you’re trying to be offensive, you could just wait for one more MP bar and try your luck with that attack. It’s a much more powerful attack, with a better success of hitting someone, and you aren’t as vulnerable at the end.

So why would you se Psychic Force?

The first reason; if you aren’t facing someone who lags, you can use it at the end of a combo. Yeah, Psychic Force is a hard skill to hit people with, so you have to be careful as to when you use it. If you’re fighting someone with high defense and your regular combo doesn’t do much, you could tack a Psychic Force at the end of it.

Psychic Force is also good in Survival and Team Match if everybody’s grouped up or camping in the same spot.

Because you can go up, down, left, or right with Psychic Force, it
can be more surprising. Take, for example, the avid Lire, Lass, Amy,
whatever job camper at Forgotten City who likes to stand on that tall
pillar towards the left of the map. As everyone’s killing everyone else
in Team Match or Survival, or if he’s just trying to get MP in 1v1, you
can use an upPsychic Force, hit them, and knock them down.

What to do with 3 MP bars?: In Team Match or Survival, you’re probably going to use your Blame Buster or your level 3 white magic skill to hit a ton of people at once. But what if you’re 1v1ing? Those skills are hard to catch people with (generally with any class, level 3 skills
aren’t the best option in 1v1). You only get one chance to hit someone.
And if you mess up (which you probably will)? Then you have to wait for
3 more bars of MP to charge.

Or, you could do like many other jobs do. Use a level 1 safety skill
to pause and see if someone is in your range, and then use a level 2
skill that can do a lot of damage. This is what you should do with anAegis Knight.

But again, I see a lot of people use Divine Slash and Aegis’s level
2 MP skill with this combo. Again, not bad…if you catch someone. Divine
Slash doesn’t have an inital freeze, so this will only work if someone
is caught in the Divine Slash, which has a dramatically reduced chance
of happening if you’refighting someone who even lags a little.

Or, you could use Psychic Force as the freeze. Not only do you get
to freeze and see if your opponent is in range, but if they aren’t in
range, you can just wait around for one more MP bar, and you still have
a usablePsychic Force. PLUS, Psychic Force tacks on damage to Divine Slash and the level 2 skill. So even when you mess up with that, you don’t mess up.

Crap! I’m stuck in a Combo!: Simple: Block your way out. Yeah, it’s nifty that in an Elesis’s or Ronan’s or any melee classes’scombo, you can block and start your own combo. You’ll LOVE fighting melee
classes after you master this. While you could just button mash the
direction that your opponent is facing, it’s more effective to time the
hit right and actuallyblock. You block more of the time, and it gives
you practice against ranged class blocking, and then you can be better
at blocking arrows and firebolts. (And I’m not sure if this was a fluke
or not, or I wasn’t paying attention or whatever, but I could have
SWORN I blocked a stone curse once).


So what type of Aegis Knight should I be?: A defensive one, of
course. (Please remember this is just my tactic, this is not the only
one you can use.) Generally, you shouldn’t run around if someone’s
trying to chase you; in fact, you should like it if people are trying
to chase you, because you can Sheild Stun them and combo them! Or you
can justblock their melee attacks. Either or!

With this defensive strategy, characterwise…

You’ll love fighting…

Elesis, all jobs
Ronans, all jobs except Aegis (fighting your own job always seems to pose a problem for me)

I would add Ryan, Amy, and Lass to this mix, because they’re melee too, right? However, Elesis and Ronan are more direct combo-centric melee. Lass and Amy, as of now, are more grab-opportunistic. Ryan is a little more melee, but is also very varied in his attacks.

You’ll love fighting, with a little practice


Hopefully, a little less No Lire! rooms (although to those Lires dismay, it ends up being an AK hosting the room). I can’t block
arrows consistently; I’ve only been playing AK for like 4 days out of
the week I’ve had it, so I usually end up only blocking a couple of
arrows out of Lire’s combo. Plus, you can’tblock all arrows, because if an arrow is coming straight down or diagonally from the top, then you can’t block it. Of course, this is more stage dependent. You’ll be blocking more arrows on Forgotten City than you will on Elven Forest.

You’ll probably hate fighting…

Lass’s 1st job

This is a more running class. Please know that I’m not saying
anything’s wrong with running, but AK’s shouldn’t like it when their
opponents run, they should like it when their opponents charge at them
with attacks because they can block them. Most Lass’s don’t do this;
they just use kunai’s or attempt to grab you. You can’t block grabs…so
yeah, that’s a problem.

Strategy-wise, however…

You’ll love fighting Offensive people Block the heck out of them!

But you’ll hate fighting Evasive people (runners, people who wait and charge MP, etc)

Yeah…you can’t really block someone who doesn’t attack you.


I hope this small little basic guide helped. At least, I’m trying to
get a lot of Aegis Knights out of the habits that they formed while
using DK, by that I mean using their level 1 skill over and over again
(which was a crap way of fighting with DK anyway…). Remember, Divine
Slash is only your friend sometimes during Team Match and Survival, and
in 1v1 he’s not much more than an acquaintance. AK has things other
than just Divine Slash. Use them!

Grand Chase Guide on Rune Flares

Out of 90% of my battles against AKs, they fail to use Rune Flares properly.
And failure to use an attack, would mean devistation to the Kanavan Kingdom!
Note: This guide was created by Darkboy132 of ntreev forums.
What is a Rune Flare?
A Rune Flare is a special ability that an Aegis Knight uses. As the name “Rune”, it can upgrade the powers of the AK’s other abilities.
It has also been believed that the Rune Flare is the main root of the Aegis Knight’s attack. This statement is 100% true.
Rune Flare’s Pros & Cons

  • Rune Flare allows the use of Psychic Force.
  • Psychic Force does alot of damage, more than Divine Slash & a Countered Furious Rush.
  • Psychic Force + 2 Monsters = 1 Full Bar of MP
  • Psychic Force can be aimed in 3 areas.
  • Psychic Force Up & Down will lift the AK into a higher state. It can help slow down his falls.
  • Psychic Force has very decent range.
  • Psychic Force can lead to delay grabs.
  • Psychic Force can stun the target, making them vulnerable to a combo/grab. It will kill them if they’re too weak to withstand it.
  • Rune Flares have no time limit to be used, and can only be casted up to 3.
  • Rune Flares can amplify the power of Skills, increasing their powers.
  • Stacked Rune Flares will greatly increase the power of the Skill.
  • Rune Flare wont waste until the skill is fully executed. For example, during a Divine Slash with any Rune Charge, the multiple strikes from Divine will have added damage. If you cast a Rune Flare before it ends, then the rune flares wont go to waste.


  • Rune Flare acts as a buff, so it will disappear when “moved on”.
  • Psychic Force makes you vulnerable if you waste it.
  • Rune Charges do not “protect” you (duh), so it’ll make you vulnerable even if you just cast it.
  • Mashing the Z button will easily make you waste it.

Rune Flare Damage
Many tests were done on calculation of the Damage/Buff of the Rune Flares and this is what we got:

  • 1 Rune Flare adds approximately 8% damage
  • 2 Rune Flares adds approximately 13-14% damage
  • 3 Rune Flares adds approximately 23.5% damage

Rune Flare Strategies (PvP)

  • If you see a runner, try to use a Rune Flare against him. It does heavy damage if they get hit by it.
  • Combo + Rune Flare + Jump + Psychic Force (Down) + Grab = Death
  • To pull off the technique above, you need to start off with a combo
    (unless hes attacking you which you can skip the combo). Cast aRune Flare so that Skill Freeze will stun him. Right after the cast, jump over him and hit him with Psychic Force (Down). After that, you should be behind him. Grab him, and he should die.
  • You can also pull off the technique if someone wants to try use a dash attack.
  • If you accidentally manage to almost fall off during somewhere like Gorge of Oath using a Divine Slash, use a Rune Flare to halt your movements.
  • Psychic Force (Up) can make it easier to reach targets above you. Same can go with the opposite.
  • If you manage to survive long enough, you can cast 3 Rune Flares and combine it with another special attack.

Rune Flare Strategies (Dungeon)

  • Use Psychic Force ONLY against a Group of monsters.
  • Psychic Force + 6 Monsters = Full MP.
  • During boss fights, you can cast all 3 Rune Flares, and then try to combine with Blame Buster or Tempest Slayer.

Conclusion of Rune Flares
Rune Flares are the main source of the Aegis Knight’s Power, due to the major amplification and heavy damage.
If you were a true Aegis Knight, you would utalize this technique to against your foes, using the power of Magic to obliterate your opponents!
Glitch: Flying Ronan!
This glitch will make your Ronan soar to the heavens!
How to do it:
Cast a Rune Flare. Right when someone locks you into a Skill Freeze, use Psychic Force (Up or Down). If you do this correctly, it will make Ronan sprout Angel Wings and fly into the air!

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Re: Tips and Tricks on Aegis Knight PvPing

Post by Jon27Jon on Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:40 pm

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Re: Tips and Tricks on Aegis Knight PvPing

Post by iMozilla on Sat Nov 21, 2009 4:53 pm

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Re: Tips and Tricks on Aegis Knight PvPing

Post by MiyukiKagami on Sat Nov 21, 2009 6:38 pm

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